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iPhone 5全球发售首日场面火爆

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iPhone 5全球发售首日场面火爆

Customers in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong began snapping up Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone 5 amid signs of strong demand for the high-profile handset, despite a widening controversy over its mapping features.

澳大利亚、日本和香港的消费者开始抢购苹果公司(Apple e Inc)的iPhone 5。有迹象显示,虽然地图功能引发的争议越来越大,这款举世闻名的手机还是迎来了旺盛的需求。

The action began in Australia, first on Apple's schedule for kicking off sales in stores at 8 a.m. local time Friday. Hundreds of people turned out in Sydney, some waiting as long as 68 hours for the newest version of the popular Apple smartphone.

根据苹果的安排,澳大利亚是第一个通过专卖店开售iPhone 5的国家。当地时间周五上午8点,大戏开幕。悉尼的销售现场聚集了数百人,一些人为买到苹果热门智能手机的最新款,最长等了68个小时。

Lines at the signature store in Sydney's Central Business District stretched around the corner as consumers rushed to buy the phone. Enthusiasm was so high in Australia that online betting site was taking bets for how long the line in Sydney would be and what would be the most popular apps downloaded.


Todd Foot, representative of , claimed to be the first person in the world to purchase an iPhone 5 Friday morning, after waiting in line since Tuesday. He said he had already detected flaws with mapping features in the iOS 6 mobile operating system that comes with the phone.

网站的代表福特(Todd Foot)声称自己是周五上午世界上第一个买到iPhone 5的人。从周二开始,他就一直在排队等候。他表示自己已经注意到新款iPhone的操作系统iOS 6上地图功能的缺陷。

'Apparently it's not 100% accurate, in fact the shop across the road here is the Darrell Lea store and that's actually listed as the Apple store at the moment, through their own maps software, so it's a bit of a joke going around,' Mr. Foot said.

福特说,它好像不是百分之百的准确,事实上马路对面的那个店铺是巧克力店“Darrell Lea”,而通过苹果自己的地图软件,目前标的却是苹果专卖店,这差不多已经成了一个笑话。

In Japan, the second market where the iPhone 5 went on sale, avid Apple fans-some in homemade gear such as sandwich boards fashioned to look like iPhones-also eagerly welcomed the new product.

日本是第二个开售iPhone 5的市场。当地翘首以待的苹果粉丝也急不可耐地欢迎新产品的到来。一些粉丝带上了自制的装备,比如在身上挂上做成iPhone样子的广告牌。

About 750 people lined up outside Apple store in Tokyo's posh Ginza neighborhood as of ten minutes before opening time, chanting with a revved-up fanfare. A few blocks away a digital countdown clock ticked outside a Softbank Corp. store where several hundred more iPhone fans had lined up.

东京高档社区银座的苹果专卖店外,在离开门营业还有10分钟的时候,就已有750人左右在排队,人们还伴着热烈的节奏高呼口号。几个街区之外软银(Softbank Corp.)的一个门店外,立着一个数字倒计时时钟,也有几百名iPhone粉丝已经在排队。

Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of Softbank Corp. ()-one of two carriers that service Apple products in Japan-led a ceremonial cheer when the count reached zero and people could buy the slimmer, longer device.

软银是日本两家出售苹果产品的运营商之一。当倒计时结束、这部更细长的手机开售时,软银创始人兼CEO孙正义(Masayoshi Son)率领众人一起欢呼庆祝。

'It's lighter than I thought it'd be and the screen is big. It's easy to hold,' said Mitsuya Hirosa, white iPhone in hand. The 37-year-old Tokyo resident was the first one in line outside the Apple store in Ginza. He had claimed his coveted sidewalk turf six days ago.

37岁的东京居民Mitsuya Hirosa手拿白色iPhone说,手机比我想象的轻,屏幕很大,拿起来方便。他是银座苹果店外排在队伍最前面的一个,六天之前,他就占据了人行道上很多人都想占领的那块地盘。

'To be the first person in line at an Apple store has a lot of meaning (as an Apple fan),' said Mr. Hirosa who works in mass communications. 'The iPhone is a part of my life. You never get tired of it even after using it for a long time, the design is good and it's easy to use.'


This will be his fourth iPhone model. Mr. Hirosa said he is most looking forward to using the new camera.


In Hong Kong, the scene was somewhat more subdued, with more than a dozen security guards helping to control more than a hundred excited people who gathered outside an Apple store inside a shopping mall in Hong Kong's International Finance Center building.

香港的场面相对冷清一些。一百多人兴奋地聚集在国际金融中心(International Finance Center)购物广场内的一家苹果专卖店外,十几位保安在帮助维持秩序。

The orderly atmosphere also reflected the fact that the store made the iPhone 5 available only to people who had made online reservations-and prepared an airport check-in style waiting area for people in front of the entrance.

现场井然有序也反映出一个事实,即香港苹果专卖店仅向事先进行网上预订的顾客出售iPhone 5。专卖店还在入口前为顾客准备了一个类似机场办理登机手续时的等候区。

But the store didn't let people enter that area until a few minutes before the doors opened. The crowd stood patiently against the wall on the other side of the mall's walkway across from the Apple Store's entrance, while the security staff stood near them.

但香港专卖店直到开门前几分钟才让顾客进入等候区。此前人群在商场另一侧直对苹果门店入口的走道靠 耐心等候,保安就站在顾客附近。

Most of the noise and fanfare came from the store's employees, all wearing blue T-shirts, who began chanting 'iPhone 5! IPhone 5!' before the doors opened. When the doors opened, security staff and store employees escorted the people who had made reservations, one by one, into the store.

大多数欢呼和造势声都来自统一身穿蓝色T恤的苹果专卖店员工,他们在店门打开前开始齐声喊“iPhone 5! iPhone 5!”。店门打开后,保安和专卖店员工陪着此前已经进行预订的顾客一个一个进入店内。

Kevin Tse, a 26-year-old working for an advertising company, bought an iPhone 5 for himself and one for his girlfriend. Mr. Tse, who bought Samsung Electronics Co.'s (SSNHY, ) flagship Galaxy SIII model a few months ago, decided to buy the iPhone 5 because he was attracted by the major changes made to the new model, such as the longer screen.

26岁的Kevin Tse在一家广告公司工作,此次他购买了两部iPhone 5,一部给自己,一部给女友。数月前才买了三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)旗舰机型Galaxy SIII的Kevin Tse此次决定购买iPhone 5的原因是他被新机型的多处重大变化──比如屏幕变得更大──所吸引。

He took out his Galaxy SIII from his pocket and said 'I will see which one is the better phone.'

他从口袋里掏出Galaxy SIII说,我会看看哪一部手机更好。

After Asia, the action shifts to France, Germany and the U.K., finishing in the U.S. and Canada.

排在亚洲之后开售iPhone 5的三个国家是法国、德国和英国,最后是美国和加拿大。

Apple said initial sales of the iPhone 5, which began last Friday, topped two million units within the first day it began taking preorders-setting a new company record, despite some initial disappointment that the device didn't offer more technical surprises.

苹果表示,尽管外界一开始曾对iPhone 5表示失望,认为其在技术上没有带来更多的惊喜,但上周五开始的iPhone 5预售量在其开始接受预订的第一天就超过200万部,创下苹果新的记录。

An hour into accepting pre-orders, Apple's website indicated that it would take up to two weeks for customers to receive a new iPhone, suggesting initial inventory had sold out. On Wednesday, Apple's website showed that preorder customers would have to wait three to four weeks for a new iPhone 5 to ship.

开始接受预订一小时后,苹果官方网站显示顾客最多要等待两周才能拿到新iPhone,这表明初始库存已经售完。周三,苹果网站显示预订客户必须要等三到四周才能拿到iPhone 5。

Apple's retail stores undoubtedly will have their own supply of the new devices, but what is unclear is how long they will be available. The original iPhone quickly sold out at many of Apple's retail stores, as did the original iPad. Over the years, each iteration has had initial supply shortages, but Apple usually has been able to catch up to demand in time for the holidays.

毫无疑问,苹果的零售商店都有各自的iPhone 5库存,但我们并不清楚这些库存能够维持多长时间。第一代iPhone在很多苹果零售店很快就销售一空,第一代iPad也是这样。这些年来,每一代iPhone在上市之初都曾出现供应短缺的情况,但苹果通常都能在假期及时满足市场需求。

The iPhone 5's marquee features include a new display that measures four inches diagonally-compared with the 3.5-inch screen in earlier models-along with fourth-generation networking, known as LTE, a faster processor and updated operating system.

iPhone 5的新特色包括配备了一块4英寸显示屏,而早期型号只有3.5英寸大小的屏幕;兼容第四代LTE网络;配备了更快的处理器并搭载了新的操作系统。

Customers who received the new software for older model iPhones and iPads on Wednesday began to complain about its new mapping application, which replaced Google Inc.'s (GOOG) software with Apple's own technology. Among the complaints customers posted to social networks like Twitter and Tumblr were that it no longer offered information about public transportation, something Google's mapping application did, and that some of Apple's maps were out of date.

周三安装了新操作系统的iPhone和iPad老用户开始抱怨新地图应用程序错误多多。苹果在新系统中用自己研发的地图取代了谷歌(Google Inc.)地图。从用户在推特(Twitter)和Tumblr等社交网络贴出的抱怨看,没有提供公共交通信息是苹果地图遭人诟病的一大重点。谷歌地图提供这项服务。此外苹果地图的部分数据已经过时。

An Apple spokewomans said Thursday that the software would get better as more people use it, adding that the company is working hard to make the customer experience 'even better.'